Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seed - The Clone Crosses (511 Johnson)


This is a pretty interesting giant pumpkin seed.  I lost the plant in August due to yellow vine disease so the pumpkin didn't reach its full potential but this is a cross that is worth being planted.  The mother is the 335 Scherber.  The 335 is a cross of a clone of a plant that grew a 1,725 pound pumpkin crossed with a clone of a plant that grew a 1,663 pound pumpkin.  The father in this cross is the 282 Sherber.  The 282 is a clone of the plant that grew the World Record 2,009 pound pumpkin that was crossed with itself. 

In other worlds there is world class genetics on all sides of this cross!  Some one could grow a very big pumpkin with this cross I believe so I'm going to offer this seed at a discount in the hopes that lots of people will give it a try.

$7.00 Now $6.00