Giant Pumpkin Seed from 943 Pound Pumpkin


You are purchasing a pumpkin seed from a 943 pound pumpkin (747 Johnson x 1685 Scherber).

With some better weather, it would have been interesting to see what this pumpkin could have really done.  Wind ripped off about 1/3 of the plants leaves in the spring, which slowed things down, but this pumpkin kept growing for 100+ days.  The 747 pap is pretty much all 2009 genetics (the pumpkin genetics that has grown multiple world records).  The 1685 is pretty much all 2145 McMullen genetics which grew the current world record and this year grow 15 of the top 30 biggest pumpkins in the world. 

The 747 seed was an aggressive grower.  The pumpkin had a nice, long shape.  The ideal shape for giant pumpkin growing, because it tends to split less.  the pumpkin also went a little heavy to the charts.  Great potential in this seed.

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