RAW OminA - 2 oz


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A little goes a LONG ways with this fertilizer!  This 2oz packet of OminA (14-0-0) makes up to 200 gallons, making it very economical. We think RAW's OminA by NPK Industries could be the most exciting development for giant pumpkin growers and gardeners in the last 5 years.  Proper application of OminA will increase calcium uptake of your plant significantly which can reduce disease and increase insect resistance!  It also has been found to increase brix for better testing vegetables and fruits with longer shelf-life.  RAW ominA is a naturally available source of 14% vegan nitrogen containing a complex blend of 16 L-Amino Acids. Two of the aminos in RAW OminA have the ability to increase calcium ion channels by 1000 times.  RAW ominA is an extremely effective chelating agent, naturally facilitating the delivery of minerals to the plant in order to correct deficiencies and to prevent deficiencies from occurring. It is completely water soluble and will not clog pumps or irrigation lines. Use RAW ominA in conjunction with nutrients and supplements throughout all stages of growth and bloom. It is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules.

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