Humic Acid + Yucca Combo Pack. Save Now!


Save more with this great combo pack!  Get a 2oz packet of humic acid and a 2oz packet of Yucca in this great package.  Each packet makes up to 200 gallons. 

Good humic acid is like black gold to the gardener in how it can help your plant with nutrient uptake.  Humic acid is a natural chelator, which means your fertilizers will be more effective when used with Humic Acid.  RAW Humic Acid contains 59% Humic Acids derived from Leonardite which is the most concentrated, water Soluble humic acid product on the market today. In nature, humic acid has a buffering effect on the pH of soils. It can raise the pH of acid soils and lower the pH of alkaline soils.

RAW Yucca is made from 100% natural yucca extract from the plant Yucca Schidigera. It can be used as wetting agent for nutrient solutions and foliar sprays and is great for flushing excess salts from the root Zone. When used on soils, it helps water and nutrients penetrate deeper and more evenly into the root zone, possibly creating greater root systems.  We recommend adding a pinch (1/16 tsp per 5 gallons) RAW Yucca to all foliar, nutrient and flush solutions.


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