RAW Phosphorus Fertilizer - 2 oz


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A little goes a LONG ways with this fertilizer!  This 2oz packet of phosphorus (9-61-0) is the purest a form of water soluble phosphorous that you can buy.  One packet can make up to 200 gallons.  Studies have found that this fertilizer, when used at the proper time can make your root mass up to 20% bigger.  Who doesn't want that!?

RAW Phosphorus contains 61% pure water Soluble Phosphate (P) in the form of mono-ammonium phosphate. This product also contains a small amount of ammonium nitrogen (9%) which plants can utilize during bloom. Phosphorus is particularly beneficial during the early rooting stage but also provides energy during fruit and flower production. RAW Phosphorus is ideal for boosting Phosphorus (P) levels, treating deficiencies and creating optimal recipe solutions.

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