Giant Pumpkin Growers Fertilizer Program Package


A Pumpkin Man Exclusive!  All 14 of the RAW fertilizers by NPK industries in individual 12 gram packages.  Each package makes 2.5 gallons or more, making this package a tremendous value.  If you want a bigger pumpkin than this package is where you start.  The Giant Pumpkin Growers Fertilizer Program Package contains 12 gram packages of each of the following fertilizers, nutrients and bio stimulants:

  • RAW Grow
  • RAW Bloom
  • RAW Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • RAW Phosphorus
  • RAW Potassium
  • RAW Kelp
  • RAW B-Vitamin
  • RAW OminA
  • RAW Humic Acid
  • RAW Yucca
  • RAW Cal/Mag
  • RAW Full Up (Fulvic Acid)
  • RAW Cane Molasses
  • RAW Silica

Limited quantities of this exclusive package are available.  Use these as part of the Pumpkin Man's secret giant pumpkin fertilizer program.  Order today!

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