Giant Pumpkin Seed from 747 Pumpkin


This is a competition giant seed I'm planning on growing in 2016.  It has the genetics to go BIG!  The pumpkin this seed came from got nowhere near its potential.  Irrigation problems in the middle of summer that got caught too late messed up this plant.  That is why this pumpkin had such a funny shape.  Early in the season it was one of my fastest growing pumpkins ever.  After a lack of water for a week the pumpkin never fully recovered, but it surprised me on the scale when it went 18% heavy! The pollinator plant was a clone of the world record plant that grew to 2009 pounds that was selfed.  So lots of big and heavy genetics in this seed.

747 Johnson (1985 Miller x 282 Scherber)
Please allows 1-2 weeks for delivery


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